Twitter Tips: How to Stay Active Using Little Effort

I must admit it. I have a love/hate relationship with Twitter. Sometimes it seems pointless to try to keep up with its fleeting nature. Yes, it’s fun seeing celebrity tweets or what brands have to say about World Cup controversies. But really…


Reasons to be on Twitter

  • Follow the leaders. Business leaders, industry influencers and tons of marketing folks are on Twitter, sharing thoughts of the day or links to their blogs. Check out this list of “must-follow marketing minds.”
  • See what’s trending. Have you been living under a rock? (Or just busy with work or life?) Twitter knows what the world is talking about via Trends.
  • Track your clients. What are your clients putting out there? Learn about their businesses, see what conversations they’re having and engage with them by replying to tweets.
  • Connect with your network. Did you meet new people at an event or start working with new colleagues? You can hook up on LinkedIn, but Twitter is great for quick, casual conversations.


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Facebook Updated Its News Feed. Do You Still Care?

What has Facebook done for you lately?

What has Facebook done for you lately?

Recently, I was graced with a survey posted by Facebook in my news feed, about my news feed. As a social media enthusiast and marketer, I felt I should help them out, but found myself somewhat torn when they asked me if I wanted more content from Facebook Pages. Should I say “no,” so brands’ posts don’t clog up my feed, or “yes” in the hopes that my positive response might extend to my clients enjoying more organic reach?

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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas, 2013 Version

ToysRUs Hot Toy List 2013Are you ready for the holidays? This song to get you in the spirit was popularized in the good old days of 1951. In case you’re not familiar with “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas,” listen to Johnny Mathis sing it and read the outdated lyrics.

Just for fun, here’s what it might sound like today. Of course, it’ll be sung by One Direction featuring Macklemore (two popular artists of 2013). Continue reading