Facebook Updated Its News Feed. Do You Still Care?

What has Facebook done for you lately?

What has Facebook done for you lately?

Recently, I was graced with a survey posted by Facebook in my news feed, about my news feed. As a social media enthusiast and marketer, I felt I should help them out, but found myself somewhat torn when they asked me if I wanted more content from Facebook Pages. Should I say “no,” so brands’ posts don’t clog up my feed, or “yes” in the hopes that my positive response might extend to my clients enjoying more organic reach?

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Facebook Tips for Better Engagement on Your Business Page

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You’ve built your Facebook page. You’ve posted some content…  Now, how many people are actually seeing your messages? What can you do to increase your chances of reaching more people and building your community?

Last year, a comScore study found that on average, only 16% of a Facebook page’s fans are reached by branded content even when a brand posts five out of seven days. The key to getting more visibility is to post items that get people interacting with them, since this increases the chance that the content will appear in more users’ news feeds.

I recently attended a webinar, “Understanding Facebook’s Engagement Algorithm,” where Wildfire Interactive and EdgeRank Checker presented their joint analysis of over 60,000 brand pages and one million posts, and provided tips on what types of content performed best. Here’s what I learned: Continue reading

The Addictive Nature of Social Media and What It Means for Your Business

Twitter is Addictive

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Social media is addictive? I’ll be the first one to admit it — see my related Pinterest Board.

A recent study at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business showed that social media was more addictive than cigarettes and alcohol! The researcher was quoted as saying that it’s because media is “…harder to resist because of their high availability and also because it feels like it does not ‘cost much’ to engage in these activities, even though one wants to resist.”

Yes, social media users like to be “in the know” and are checking back frequently so they don’t miss a thing. What can you do to stay top of mind with your audience and keep them engaged with your business? Continue reading

4 Simple Steps to Start Your Small Business’ Facebook Presence

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So what if 800 million people actively use Facebook? That’s not reason enough for your small business to have a presence there. You may be a local storefront or provide business services to a smaller community; you are definitely not a huge consumer brand with big budgets and lots of employees to manage your marketing efforts. What’s in it for you? Here are four steps to start leveraging Facebook today: Continue reading